Many full-service agencies use their broad scope as an excuse to be just pretty good at everything. While Luckie offers a complete range of marketing resources, we’ve also built a national reputation for our proven expertise in several key disciplines.

What We Do

  • Big Data

    Your data tells a story, one that’s just waiting to be translated. We sift and structure even the largest data sets, helping you uncover buried insights and turn them into actionable business intelligence. The results? Stronger customer relationships, improved ROI and clear strategies for future growth.

    Over the course of thousands of engagements, we’ve looked at data from nearly 50 million U.S. households. We analyze millions of point-of-sale transactions every day. Our data insights lead to a better understanding of your customer’s behavior, which sharpens your messaging, marketing, media and measurement strategies. That’s how you make intelligent decisions about where and how to spend your money. That’s how we help you use your data to tell your story and build your brand.

    Data Services

    Customer-centricity and customer insights are critical in today's marketplace. Since there is no shortage of data, our clients partner with us because we know how to leverage the right types of digital customer insight. Are you looking to optimize your relationship marketing efforts and increase your marketing effectiveness? Improved data analytics is where we can help.

    Our Data Insights group will help you expand your customer insight capabilities, improve the customer experience management process and drive optimized outbound and inbound customer communication strategies. Our team has built data-driven solutions for the Global 1000 by examining literally hundreds of millions of consumers against billions of transactions. Our clients have increased their marketing effectiveness from single to double digits, and their marketing returns in the hundreds of dollars per customer.

    Deepen and enrich your product or service offerings; reduce acquisition costs and increase conversion; strengthen the emotional investment in your brand; and adjust to the importance and power of the consumer by partnering with us today.

    IT Solutions

    We view technology as a business tool and pathway to innovation. Our technology team works with clients to assess current practices, identify existing database structures, aggregate and analyze information and develop applications to deliver practical solutions. You are busy and internal IT resources are limited. Our team of IT experts understands this and we partner with clients to create an outside IT arm that is agile, flexible and always looking for new and innovative technologies that impact customer behavior and online engagement. We do so without disrupting your current IT processes or taxing existing IT resources.

    Our ability to manage data is powerful — in the course of our work, we’ve looked at data from nearly 50 million households in the U.S and we handle millions of point-of-sale transactions for analysis every day.

    Is it time for you to review your approach to strategic agility within your organization? We can help you immediately improve marketing performance and evolve to stay ahead of the digital curve. Our IT consultants will align technology and your organization so that your digital marketing efforts are generating maximum returns.

    Intelligent Deployment

    Our senior strategy team takes a panoramic view of brand and market potential to develop a fully integrated, data-informed strategy, ensuring that every deliverable brings measurable results. With so many moving pieces, you need tight-knit integration and cross functionality throughout the organization and the agency — in every channel and every message. We align all our services within this framework to ensure executional excellence and brand consistency.

    We develop data-driven contact strategies to integrate targeted messaging for every communication medium and all appropriate media channels. Whether it’s your website, blog, social platform, mobile, email or text message, we utilize our in-house technology group to drive marketing that is timely and customer-centric. Via social networking channels, tablet and smartphone technologies, our strategists marry business intelligence with exceptional creative management and implementation expertise to ensure that your company is optimizing the customer experience and driving the highest return.

    Of course, part of the digital marketing process is knowing which strategies not to pursue — which new platforms or functionality are not a good fit for your brand. We evaluate all potential strategic initiatives, and build a business case for those that will deliver the most meaningful results.

  • Brand Strategy

    Brand messaging and positioning are all just tactics in service to a bigger idea—the brand strategy.

    Understanding how to build the strategic framework needed to keep the brand and its supporting organization on track and focused on the correct strategies and tactics is key to brand success. Key skills at Luckie for developing brand strategy include:

    • Situational analysis—customer, competitor, company
    • Developing strategic objectives
    • Developing and understanding brand-strategic growth options
    • Understanding and defining a differentiating consumer-centric value proposition
    • Communicating brand strategy to employees, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Communications Planning

    There are more tools than ever to reach consumers with your story, but which ones are right for your budget, timing, audience and messaging?

    Luckie has extensive experience in planning, buying and monitoring virtually every possible media opportunity, along with coordinating these options with other mediums such as PR, direct mail, digital promotions and social media. Our areas of expertise include:

    • National network and cable television
    • Local broadcast and cable television
    • National, regional and local radio
    • National, regional and local magazines
    • National, regional and local newspapers
    • Search, digital and social media
    • DRTV
    • Outdoor, transit and other place-based media
    • Street teams and other experiential media events
    • Sports sponsorships (league, conference, team level)
  • Consumer Insight and Research

    One vital part of your brand story is understanding what consumers find valuable about your product or service—but more important is understanding why they feel that way.

    This knowledge can form the heart of your story and the beginning of making an emotional connection with your audience. Luckie has a variety of quantitative and qualitative resources, skills and expertise to get at that "why," including:

    • Syndicated data from MRI, the nation’s leading consumer survey
    • Observational data from Iconoculture, one of the nation's leading trend-watching companies
    • Proprietary data from the Luckie Family Panel, a monthly national survey of attitudes of parents
    • Monthly newsletters on generational trends, as well as trends in five key categories: restaurants, travel, telecom, banking and snack foods
    • Extensive experience in planning, holding, moderating and evaluating consumer focus groups
    • Relationships with experienced quantitative research partners
  • Content Strategy

    With each day, the lines continue to blur between social media, websites and applications.

    Digital Content Strategy has become a vital resource for companies looking to unify their online presence and speak in a voice that’s as consistent as it is compelling. Luckie helps clients achieve optimum digital impact through:

    • Comprehensive content guidance across digital channels
    • Long-form content development in niche or mainstream topics
    • Corporate blog development, maintenance and oversight
    • Mobile optimization for iPhones and other devices
    • Tablet optimization for iPads and other devices
    • Social media program development, launch and maintenance
    • Content auditing and site overhauls
    • Online promotion development, specializing in sweepstakes and contests
  • Creative

    A sound strategy without amazing creative is worth about as much as a bank vault filled with gym socks.

    Effective brand communications should be committed to a strategic, creative and innovative execution using every medium possible, both traditional and nontraditional. At Luckie, we develop design concepts for:

    • Advertising in traditional, digital and emerging channels
    • Print materials
    • Digital design
    • Annual reports
    • Package design
    • Point of purchase
    • Marketing collateral
    • Signage
  • Data Insight and Visualization

    Thanks to our acquisition of industry leader Integrative Logic, Luckie now offers a powerful range of data-driven marketing tools.

    By gaining a deep and thorough understanding of your company’s relationships with its customers through your business data, we develop insight that will change how you manage your customer experience.

    Our proven five-step process is to:

    • Identify the strategic objectives of an organization balanced against marketing opportunity
    • Integrate all data repositories to determine how technology-driven marketing can drive consumers to specific transactional behaviors
    • Differentiate consumers in various segments, groups or other subsets to maximize relevance while maintaining the highest return on marketing investment
    • Execute customized, individually relevant multichannel marketing programs
    • Measure the results against key performance indicators and rapidly react
  • Digital Strategy and Development

    Creating an effective marketing strategy today often boils down to one thing: bridging the gap between shifting technology and cutting-edge creative.

    Through extensive experience, research and innovation, Luckie has developed a thorough understanding of how modern consumers engage with businesses through technology and grow into brand advocates. Our diverse expertise includes:

    • Digital strategy
    • Application development for Web, Facebook, mobile and more
    • Mobile optimization
    • Digital marketing design
    • Social media marketing
    • Digital content strategy
    • Digital media planning and placement
    • Email marketing
    • Emerging platforms
    • Data analytics and measurement
  • Direct Marketing

    Luckie’s Direct Marketing department has a long history of developing comprehensive programs that yield incredible results.

    Using mail, email, bill media programs and more, our DM team consists of seasoned professionals offering expertise in the following areas:

    • Strategic planning
    • Testing
    • Creative development and execution
    • List management
    • Data processing
    • Fulfillment
    • Tracking/reporting
    • Analysis
  • Public Relations

    Public Relations is about more than shouting from the rooftops.

    Today, the old PR model has evolved to the point that it is hardly recognizable. At Luckie, we believe in using every touch-point available to do more than just share news. We're also dedicated to creating fresh, new content that captures people's imaginations as well as their attention. Our goal is to help our clients communicate, engage and build real relationships with consumers.

    Our expertise includes:

    • National online and offline coverage, including social and branded content, for your products
    • Local TV tours on top-rated shows featuring experts who drive your brand message
    • Consumer product reviews and giveaways by national and local bloggers
    • Local market PR to promote store openings and help generate sales
    • In-store consumer and experiential marketing events in throughout the U.S.
    • National consumer and key influencer event strategy and sponsorship management
    • Retailer presentations
    • Brand protection, as well as crisis and issues management
  • Social Media Marketing

    Want to build a massive Facebook audience for your brand or generate national buzz with an online promotion? Luckie has the proven expertise to make it happen.

    Our nationally recognized social media efforts have helped our clients become digital leaders within their industries. Our areas of expertise include:

    • Facebook promotion and application development
    • Social media brand identity and launch
    • Content strategy development for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more
    • Corporate social media strategy
    • Blogger partnerships
    • Promotion and street team support via social media
    • Corporate blog design and content strategy
    • Facebook and Twitter advertising support


John Heenan

Chief Marketing Officer