The Marriage of Science and Creativity

For years, we prided ourselves on being able to tell a great story. To find those little human truths that helped our work connect with consumers. But today, just being great storytellers is not enough. The marketing landscape has changed and we’ve changed with it. Data is no longer a geek in a cube pumping out analytics. Today at Luckie, we use data science, behavioral science and applied marketing science to help our clients bridge the gap between having data and knowing what to do with it. Insights from this approach make up the DNA of every customer journey, creative execution and solution we engineer. A passionate collaboration of science and creativity is how Luckie helps our clients get closer to their customers, get more out of their marketing dollars and maybe even get a decent night’s sleep.

Why You Should Talk to Us

We make your data actionable.
Our proven data-driven insights inform and inspire the creative process and help us create highly relevant and motivating human experiences.

We help you own the customer journey.
We create customized data-driven experiences that speed people down the path to purchase and keep them irresistibly engaged and loyal long after the sale.

We make your brand more human.
Every brand interaction builds a relationship with your consumer. The more human the brand, the closer the customer.

We’re not right for everyone.
We believe you start with data and insights, not with tactics or execution. Kind of a rule with us.

Seamless Integration

These four foundational, complementary capabilities – anchored and aligned through strategy and deep insights – allows us to design programs and experiences that are more truly “human” – and thus more meaningful, effective and valuable.


Creativity is the heart and soul of brand storytelling – the magic that makes a human connection. Since 1953, we’ve been crafting powerful brand stories that build lasting relationships and long-term business value. And while the tools and methods may have changed a bit over the years, our focus on the fundamentals – deep insights, powerful ideas, genuine human connections – never has.



At Luckie, data is an essential part of our DNA and rich heritage as an agency. It informs and empowers all our work. It provides the insights that guide our strategies and inspire our creativity. It enables real-time optimization and personalization and allows us to measure the impact of our work at a micro-granular level to guide future efforts. You might say data is the “secret sauce” in everything we do.



Media is more than a shopping list of audiences and impressions. It’s a mindset – a way of navigating the incredibly diverse, highly fragmented modern communications landscape. At Luckie, we combine industry knowledge and analytical capabilities with the insights and empathy required to engage your customers deeply and effectively across touchpoints, properties, and platforms.



At Luckie, we see technology as a way to broaden and extend our creative toolkit. We don’t chase tech trends for their own sake, but we do use technology to tell stories and create experiences that bring brands to life in new ways. Through technology, we can find new ways to reach, inform, and empower our customers. These kinds of experiences make the human experience better for everyone.


What We Do Well

Brand Storytelling

A story is just data with a soul. A good story intrigues, engages and drives business.

  • Brand planning
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Integrated creative campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Brand identity, design and packaging
  • Video
  • TV, print, radio
  • Shopper marketing and POS
  • Experiential marketing

Digital Marketing

Reaching consumers with personal, genuine experiences online.

  • Search: SEO and SEM
  • Email and CRM
  • Online advertising
  • Digital and programmatic media
  • Performance marketing and optimization
  • Website design
  • Mobile experiences and advertising
  • Social

Social Engagement

Leveraging content and conversation to help brands be more human.

  • Social media strategy
  • Social listening and measurement
  • Social campaigns, content and optimization
  • Paid social
  • Influencer outreach
  • Real-time marketing
  • Community management


The art and science of the right message in the right place at the right time.

  • National and local media
  • Media strategy and connections planning
  • Traditional and integrated campaigns
  • Digital, mobile and programmatic media
  • Search
  • Native advertising and branded content
  • Sponsorship and event
  • Media mix modeling and cross-channel optimization

Analytics & Insights

Data is in our DNA. It’s our window into what makes us human.

  • Market research and insights
  • Customer journey and decision point analysis
  • Performance analytics and optimization
  • Predictive modeling and multivariate testing/DOE
  • Data warehousing and integration
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Business intelligence

CRM & Loyalty

Using data-driven insight to inform and optimize each customer journey.

  • Custom database development
  • Advanced segmentation and customer analytics
  • Luckie CUBE℠ behavioral segmentation
  • Advanced loyalty and CRM programs
  • Forecasting and predictive modeling
  • Program optimization
  • Dynamic personalization

Digital Experiences

We use technology and insight to build the perfect user experience for your customer.

  • Digital strategy and innovation
  • Web and mobile experience design
  • App development
  • User research, testing and usability
  • Technology architecture and development
  • SEO
  • Experience innovation: virtual Reality, wearables
  • Dashboards and optimization

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