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We didn’t just change the name. We changed the conversation.

You think you have challenges? The healthcare industry has challenges.

For starters, the whole industry is rapidly changing due to the Affordable Care Act. In addition, you have baby boomers who don’t want to wait around for Medicare and Medicaid approvals, millennials leaving their parents’ plans, large swaths of the public without insurance and everyone too busy to fill out forms or sit in waiting rooms.

And Solantic, the leader in retail urgent care centers throughout Florida, had one more challenge: Its name. Because while it meant something to baby boomers in the Sunshine State, Solantic wasn’t convinced the name would be an asset as the company expanded to markets from Nashville to Austin.

And we agreed. Because we know it’s not about the name.

It’s about the consumer.

So, we began with a ton of data – customer, transactional, industry, trend, lifestyle and more – to figure out who needs what and more importantly, who wants what.

From the data came the insights: The biggest unmet opportunity was with healthy young men and women, aged 25-34, or millennials. People who are all about convenience and on-the-go. People who live digitally.

A non-traditional approach for non-traditional healthcare customers.

Which meant that while we shouldn’t ignore traditional creative media, we should make digital the core of our program.

And we did.

We created a mobile site that checks wait times, starts paperwork and reserves appointments; an SMS feature to remind about flu shots or seasonal meds; and Facebook and Twitter content to keep the conversation alive.

But while we were doing this, we were also developing three distinct executional components. First, to explain Solantic’s new name to folks who already knew what it was. Second, to introduce the newly named company to all the new markets and consumers. And third, to reposition the company to represent the new things it would do.

carespot-case-study-image-3Three stories told via smart storytelling across three distinct phases: a pre-launch to set up the buzz we knew would be vital, a launch to kick off the big changeover, and an ongoing campaign with consistent reminders across a variety of the right media.

Key Results

  • Analyzed the data to identify the most valuable consumers for retail healthcare
  • Used resulting insights to create a new name that would resonate with those consumers, as well as the rest of the market
  • Developed a new brand with multi-generational appeal and multi-pronged media strategy that reflected the expectations of the audience
  • Managed the brand transformation across pre-launch, launch and post-launch phases
  • Increased website visits by 21% and increased Facebook fans by 80%
  • Grew overall patient visits by more than 20%
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