Express Oil Change: EOC VIPs

A loyalty program that drives more than revenue

Who cares more about cars than Americans? Who has laid down more miles of highway? Who has written more songs about those highways? Who has penned more books about the songs about those highways than us? Nobody, right?

And yet for most of us, maintenance — and especially oil changes — ranks right up there with flossing and cleaning out the lint trap. Things we tend not to think about unless there’s a problem.

And the problem with that is that a “problem with your oil” is often indicated by white smoke pouring out of your engine seconds before the whole thing freezes up and shuts down.

We all know this. And yet…


That’s why Express Oil called us – to help them get people in the door who never remembered to get their oil changed and those who remembered to get it changed but didn’t care where.

Sounds pretty daunting, doesn’t it? Except Express Oil had an ace up its sleeve that the company didn’t even realize it had.

Tons of transactional data.

Express Oil just didn’t know what to do with it.

But we did. Because we love that stuff. It’s a window to what makes people tick, what they’re doing, even why they’re doing it – and how we can help them do it better.

Using our analytics and experience, we were able to turn that data into the engine that ran the EOC VIP program – a loyalty program that rewarded customers for visits and service and helped them track their maintenance, putting the power of all that data right into the franchisers’ hands.

We developed a portal that gave Express Oil access to the rich customer transaction and profile information, allowing the company to create targeted customer groups that were based on demographics or even behavioral information – number of visits, last date visited, loyalty level – so they could develop customized promotions and offers for each group and then send those promotions to each customer via email.


This not only reminded them to get their oil changed, but also reminded them that their local Express Oil Change franchise was truly their car maintenance partner, keeping an eye on their car’s health to keep them both on the road for miles to come.

Key Results

  • Created a data-driven loyalty program that kept Express Oil Change top of mind with consumers
  • Empowered franchises with a promotional platform and tactics to improve customer awareness
  • Decreased time between visits by 21%
  • Increased transactions by 5.5%
  • Increased revenue per transaction by 2.5%
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