Regions Bank

Building a brand on the back of a bicycle

When Regions Bank called us, the economy was reeling, consumers were stretched thin by debt, the banking industry was unstable, uncertain and under attack, and everyone was inundated with messaging about personal security, debt consolidation, retirement planning and dozens of other offerings that left them dazed and confused.

Why do we have banks again?

Because we like standing in lines or pushing buttons on machines or filling out endless forms?

No. Banks exist to help us get from where we are to where we want to be.

And the less complicated, the better. The less we have to think about them – their needs, regulations, hours, restrictions, forms and hoops – the more we can focus on getting where we want to go.

Which is why we brought Regions Bank a green bicycle.

A what?


A LifeGreen bicycle. Because for starters, a bike is simple. And when you want to communicate that you understand the ineffable beauty of “simple,” you can’t do much better than the uncomplicated efficiency of a two-wheeler.

“But a bicycle also immediately changes the conversation – from the idea that it’s about us, to the idea that it’s about using us to achieve your goal. You know, like you do with a bike.”

Which is why the bike appeared in TV, out-of-home, even on radio (we’ll be happy to explain that one to you if you like). It was on every piece of print, POP, collateral and signage. It was online in digital and social media.

But this isn’t just about an image. This is about changing banking.

So we took simple to customer service. To paperwork. To every process. Because we weren’t interested in Regions Bank just saying it was simple. We wanted Regions Bank to actually be simple.

And you know who embraced it? Employees in branches and corporate offices alike.

And the public.

Success in the retail banking industry is measured with checking accounts. They’re really hard to get, because most people would rather lick a toad than switch. Which is exactly why they tend to stay with you a long time.

In 2008, Regions opened 750,000 new accounts. In 2009, it opened more than a million. In 2010, more than a million again. Plus, deposits grew by more than $10 billion and Regions experienced growth in 24 of its 25 major markets.


Key Results

  • Developed a creative strategy that distinctively reflected the bank’s unique personality – in a unique and compelling way
  • Linked all marketing materials across all channels, and energized bank employees
  • Created unprecedented growth for Regions Bank in 24 of its 25 markets
  • Elevated brand linkage scores in advertising and marketing by 51.7% (median score based on TNS Q3 2012 data)
  • Outpaced Capital One, Chase, Bank of America, Suntrust and BB&T in breakthrough measurements (up 10.6% based on TNS Q3 2012 data)
  • Increased “share of preference” by 45.8%, ahead of all key competitors except USAA
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