The Luckie Story

We believe in the power of brands. Ours, for example, has been going strong for almost 70 years.

Early Highlights

Robert “Ace” Luckie started Luckie & Company in 1953. On the horizon glimmered a creative revolution that would forever change the way people viewed the business. Ace and his smart and determined team from Birmingham, Alabama, were right there for it, believing in the power of creativity to move people and make brands famous.

Change Is The Only Constant

When your business is driven by blue-sky thinking and creativity, change is simply a given. In the ’80s and into the ’90s, Luckie made bold moves in “the work” and in how the work got done.

Finding a New Gear

Welcome to a new age of huge creative ideas that are informed by data and smart business analytics. There’s no stopping Luckie now as we continue to innovate, do and make without fear, and work tirelessly to become the most talked about agency in the Southeast.

At Luckie, we surround ourselves with the smartest and nicest pros we can find. That has never changed.