In our quest to understand the human experience, we’re asking the world. Now we’re asking you:

What Makes Us Human?

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believing is seeing

I would say that among many other things our moral judgement is what makes us human. Unlike all of the other things we find on this big rock, we alone seem to assess and judge our own thoughts, actions, and even motives. By what? Some odd, invisible, fickle standard of good and bad to which humans gravitate. No matter what the standard is, we always seem to be measuring. So maybe you could measure what is human by its adherence to the practice of (self) measurement.

Coming together


The ability to mold the future, for better or worse.


Lending help to others in need


puppy love and love for puppies.

Working together to make the world a better place

Opposable thumbs. And opposing points of view.


family bonding

the ability to feel guilt.

Our ability to ask questions, such as, “What makes us human?”

Sweating (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc)