Robert E. Luckie III

Bobby Luckie – better known as “B3” – is one of the most disarmingly approachable individuals you’ll meet in today’s advertising industry. Whether he’s dealing with clients, co-workers or random strangers, Bobby exudes a good-hearted spirit that sets the tone for the rest of us here at the agency.

He spent the summers of his college life working at Luckie & Company, which his father founded in 1953. After completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Alabama, Bobby worked briefly in radio advertising sales before joining Luckie officially in 1971 as an assistant account executive. His role grew from there and he became a leading voice in the agency, alongside his brother, Tom.

The years have brought many changes to the industry, but through them all, Bobby’s positive attitude, strong work ethic and support for the agency, its clients and its employees have remained constant. Today, Bobby is on the Luckie board (and often in the Luckie halls) and is active in an array of community groups focused on improving life for all Alabamians.

What drives him: Being a positive influence in the agency and beyond.

With Luckie since: 1971

Expertise: Agency leadership.