From One Bank to Another

Regions donates its advertising to a different kind of bank – local community food banks.

Regions believes that some things are bigger than banking. Never has that come more sharply into focus than during the COVID-19 outbreak. As Luckie helped Regions quickly pivot its in-market messaging, we also proposed another idea: With advertising feeling just wrong, let’s use our entire ad buy to support a type of bank that needs attention now more than ever — community food banks. We tapped local photographers who had already begun documenting these strange times, and our in-house production company Luckie Underground sprang into action, creating an emotional message in TV and digital video. We tagged and localized it for each food bank, trafficking 37 versions, including Hispanic, in just days. We also created localized versions of digital, social, radio and a landing page. We’re proud to work with a partner like Regions that uses its brand’s beliefs to do meaningful things in the real world.