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Moms of 7 a.m.

In Luckie’s 38-year history of working with Little Debbie, we’ve always been interested in in family dynamics, especially where it concerns moms. But for the relaunch of Little Debbie Mini Muffins, we used every scrap of data and every bit of intelligence gathering (including an enlightening interactive focus group of 100 moms) to learn more about what was truly important to them.

And so, the Moms of 7 a.m. movement was born. We documented the mornings of three American moms (which meant we assembled a very quiet film crew in each home before dawn) to learn what made mornings special for each of them. And how Little Debbie Mini Muffins were a simple way to send kids off with a smile.

The fully-integrated campaign, designed to drive sales of Mini Muffins, features long-form video, targeted cable, influencer marketing and an ever-evolving digital and social media push to keep this very real conversation about moms and mornings engaging.

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