Radio Recliner

A pirate radio station run by real Resident DJs at retirement communities across the country, so they can stay connected while they're confined to their rooms.

Social distancing is hard on everyone, but it’s especially difficult for retirees in senior living communities, where feelings of isolation are a problem even in the best of times. With no way to see each other or visit family members, how could we help residents feel connected, even as they’re confined to their rooms?

We created Radio Recliner, a digital radio station designed to turn dedication radio into a new social media for seniors. We knew it couldn’t come from staff – it had to truly be 100% run by the residents. So we worked with Lifestyle Directors across the country to identify seniors to host their own radio shows. These Resident DJs share stories and songs from the comfort of their recliners, recording their shows by phone. They give shoutouts to fellow residents, family members, caregivers, and retirement community staff. Any retiree, and anyone who’s missing one, can participate by calling  855-863-0050 to tell a story and dedicate a song.

Each DJ makes their show their own, complete with DJ names. Some have been in memory care, some in hospice care. Each gives advice on how to get through the pandemic, and it’s truly uplifting.

The story has gotten national news coverage, including CBS This Morning, NPR, ABC, NBC, and FOX, as well as morning radio shows, city newspapers, and the ad press.

Tune in now at, or say “Alexa, play Radio Recliner.”

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Dolly Parton Surprise Call

An injection of hope that we probably
all need these days.
-Washington Post

This is an important social service.

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