Today, We Bake

Baking freshness into a 60-year-old brand.

Little Debbie does a lot of things differently. It gets snack cakes to the store faster and doesn’t allow them to stay on the shelf as long. As opposed to some of the competition, which can famously stay on the shelf FOREVER. How could we let people know about Little Debbie’s freshness in a Little Debbie way – without boasting or slamming other brands?

We created differentiation by talking about how Little Debbie snacks come from a real bakery. They’re made by bakers. Who bake things. This small change in language resonated with customers. So we told the true story of how a small family bakery grew to become America’s #1 Snack Cake. The “Today, we bake” platform explores the authentic roots of the company, its snack innovations and the pride Little Debbie bakers take in bringing smiles to the world. Video content delivered the message through social, streaming digital, and traditional platforms.

  • 13%
    increase in freshness perception
  • 2%
    increase in YOY sales
  • $9.67
    return on ad spend