sciencecollect and analyze DATAintellectinform strategic INSIGHTSheartturn emotional reaction into ACTIONartcraft creative, engaging SOLUTIONSPRECISELY LUCKIE

Fusing data science, strategic insight and artful communication into smart marketing solutions.

The science of data.
The art of marketing.

  • do you know your CUSTOMER?

    We Do.

    Today’s consumer is inundated with messages from multiple devices and platforms 24/7/365.
    They’re skeptical. Informed. Quick to make decisions. And authenticity is the price of entry.

    So how do we engage a target and lead them to action?

    We pride ourselves on precision. Precise data that leads to precise insights. Precise targeting.
    And precise creativity. It’s precisely what sets LUCKIE apart.

  • Analytics & Insights

    Data is in our DNA. We use it to engage and connect on a human level.
    • Market Research and Insights
    • Customer Journey and Decision Point Analytics
    • Performance Analytics and Optimization
    • Predictive Modeling and Multivariate Testing/DOE
    • Data Warehousing and Integration
    • Dashboards and Reporting
    • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Experiences

    Utilizing technology and insights to build a precise user experience for your customer.
    • Digital Strategy and Innovation
    • Web and Mobile Experience Design
    • App Development
    • User Research, Testing and Usability
    • Technology Architecture and Development
    • SEO
    • Experience Innovation: Virtual Reality, Wearables
    • Dashboards and Optimization
  • Marketing Solutions

    Reaching consumers with personal, genuine experiences online.
    • Search: SEO and SEM
    • Email and CRM
    • Online Advertising
    • Digital and Programmatic Media
    • Performance Marketing and Optimization
    • Website Design
    • Mobile Experiences and Advertising
    • Social
    • Experiential Marketing
  • CRM & Loyalty

    Using data-driven insight to inform and optimize each customer journey.
    • Custom Database Development
    • Advanced Segmentation and Customer Analytics
    • Luckie Cube Behavioral Segmentation
    • Advanced Loyalty and CRM Programs
    • Forecasting and Predictive Modeling
    • Program Optimization
    • Dynamic Personalization
  • Creative Solutions

    Bringing business objectives to life to drive customer engagement.
    • Brand planning
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Integrated Creative Campaigns
    • Content Marketing
    • Brand Identity, Design Packaging
    • Video
    • Tv, Print, Radio
    • Shopper Marketing and Pos
    • Experimental Marketing
  • Social Engagement

    Leveraging content and conversation with impact.
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Social Listening and Measurement
    • Social Campaigns, Content and Optimization
    • Paid Social
    • Influencer Outreach
    • Real-Time Marketing
    • Community Management
  • Media

    The art + science of precisely the right message, in the right place, at the right time.
    • National and Local Media
    • Media Strategy and Connections Planning
    • Traditional and Integrated Campaigns
    • Digital, Mobile and Programmatic Media
    • Search
    • Native Advertising and Branded Content
    • Sponsorship and Event
    • Media Mix Modeling and Cross-Channel Optimization