Who We Are

Our values are what hold us together, help us succeed and define the type of people we want to work with. Our people represent our values, whether they’re on a pitch or out to dinner. They’re smart, nice and have a tendency to ask if you’d like half their sandwich.


Madison Avenue Talent with a Sweet Tea Personality TM

  • Robert E. Luckie III Chairman Emeritus

    Robert E. Luckie III

    Chairman Emeritus

    Bobby Luckie – better known as “B3” – is one of the most disarmingly approachable individuals you’ll meet in today’s advertising industry. Whether he’s dealing with clients, co-workers or random strangers, Bobby exudes a good-hearted spirit that sets the tone for the rest of us here at the agency.

    He spent the summers of his college life working at Luckie & Company, which his father founded in 1953. After completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Alabama, Bobby worked briefly in radio advertising sales before joining Luckie officially in 1971 as an assistant account executive. His role grew from there and he became a leading voice in the agency, alongside his brother, Tom.

    The years have brought many changes to the industry, but through them all, Bobby’s positive attitude, strong work ethic and support for the agency, its clients and its employees have remained constant. Today, Bobby is on the Luckie board (and often in the Luckie halls) and is active in an array of community groups focused on improving life for all Alabamians.

    What drives him: Being a positive influence in the agency and beyond.

    With Luckie since: 1971

    Expertise: Agency leadership.


  • Tom Luckie Chairman/CEO

    Tom Luckie


    Tom Luckie’s 30-year career at Luckie & Company, the agency founded by his father, has taken him through change after change in the world of advertising. He earned his role as a leader within the agency through decades of hard work, and in that time he has been pivotal in helping Luckie evolve from a traditional suit-and-tie ad agency to a cutting-edge, digitally savvy shop earning national attention for its integrated use of advertising, PR, social media and more.

    Tom may have a marketing degree from Auburn University and an MBA from Samford University, but his real education has come from the years of commitment to the agency that bears his family name. As CEO, he keeps close tabs on agency operations and ensures that high standards of quality are met every day. As a Luckie, he promotes the importance of being smart and nice, two values that have driven the agency and its work over the years.

    In his life beyond Luckie & Company, Tom is an active member of multiple groups within the Birmingham community and spends time with his family (the one outside the agency walls).

    What drives him: Leadership, working with smart and nice people

    With Luckie since: 1977

    Expertise: Agency leadership

  • Ed Mizzell Managing Director

    Ed Mizzell

    Managing Director

    If anyone knows more about Luckie culture than Ed, it would have to be Luckie family members themselves. Ed has been with Luckie since 1981, about the time the term “Internet” was first mentioned.

    Before Ed’s journey led him to Luckie, he fought off native wildlife in South Africa and Venezuela to launch pharmaceutical products. Once he returned to the States, Ed joined Luckie and has filled many roles during his lengthy tenure. He now helps guide agency operations and maintain Luckie’s longtime reputation for fiscal responsibility and strategic growth. He continues to foster high-level relationships with a variety of clients and offer advice and guidance from his position on the board.

    Outside of Luckie life, Ed is a passionate outdoorsman. He enjoys breathing in the fresh air and casting a line out in the lake with his son.

    With Luckie since: 1981

    Expertise: Consumer packaged goods, tourism and outdoor recreation.

    Key client experience: Little Debbie, Alabama Tourism Department, and Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

  • John Gardner President

    John Gardner


    John Gardner loves change. He likes to challenge the status quo, upset the apple cart, make waves and rock the boat — all in the name of building connections and relationships between people, businesses and communities. John knows that change is natural. To him, it’s a signal that things are working. He would tell you that change is essential to the human experience. And while it makes most people itchy, it makes John content.

    John’s career has been marked by anticipating, embracing and driving change in the marketing and business development arena. Most recently this has led to the transformation of Luckie into an agency focused on getting companies closer to their customers, to finding the human in their brand. His expertise in marketing, technology, data analytics, statistical modeling, consumer behavior and customer engagement has changed the game for Luckie’s clients. His passion for developing leaders has changed the lives of Luckie’s people.

    For many years, John has been at the center of the marketing revolution created by the impact of technology and data. As cofounder of Integrative Logic, John brought the science of data and the art of marketing together in a data analytics firm that helped clients achieve a higher return on their marketing investment. Early in his career, as director of business intelligence for imc2, he championed the benefits of data-driven marketing.

    A Microsoft Certified Professional, tennis enthusiast, military history scholar and lover of Alabama football, John is all over the brain map. He is happy to engage in conversation about all of those topics. He is also a highly regarded speaker and writer on the subjects of change management, leadership development and marketing trends.

    What drives him: Leadership, creativity, innovation

    With Luckie since: 2001

    Expertise: leadership, marketing and business operations, digital and brand strategy, business intelligence, CRM, database management, analytics

    Key client experience: Chick-fil-A, Marriott International, InterContinental Hotels, Wyndam Hotels, American Airlines, Regions Bank, P&G, McKee Foods, Kohl’s, Saks, Disney, Liz Claiborne, Bayer, Nestlé, L’Oréal, Lane Bryant, Galderma Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Pfizer, TAP Pharmaceuticals

  • Chris Statt Chief Operating Officer

    Chris Statt

    Chief Operating Officer

    Chris Statt’s hair started to turn gray when he was 16 years old, maybe in anticipation of the busy 18 years of agency life to come. Although we think it suits him, it is surely a testament to how tirelessly he has worked over the course of his career. As Chief Operating Officer, Chris is a key member of our agency’s leadership team and a huge advocate for improved planning, pricing, delivery and profit. His primary areas of oversight are finance, project management, technology, human resources and administration.

    After joining Luckie as the CFO in 2012, Chris set to work on creating financial projections and budgets, updating accounting and operating systems, and empowering the leadership team with actionable financial and operational insights. Those who know him know how meticulous he is. From growing Luckie’s in-house technology teams to developing the agency’s strategic operating initiatives and tracking, Chris says he’s doing all this for our clients and the Luckie team. But we think he may have an unhealthy addiction to spreadsheets, scorecards, charts and graphs.

    As a native of Rochester, N.Y., Chris is proud to be the only Yankee in his immediate family – his wife is from Tennessee and his three young children were born in Georgia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University at Buffalo and is perhaps the only Buffalo Bulls and Buffalo Bills fan residing in the state of Alabama. When he’s away from the office and his spreadsheets, Chris also enjoys traveling and hiking.

    With Luckie since: 2012

    Expertise: Finance management, project management and digital development areas (among many others)

    Key client experience: McKee Foods, ViiV Healthcare, Regions, Alabama Power, Char-Broil, Prudential Realty, Lundbeck, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Rich Products Corporation, Swatch, Colony Homes, Triumph Motorcycles, Gameplan Financial, Bowen Family Homes, Pulte Homes, Pathway Communities, Georgia Tourism, Georgia Department of Transportation, Snapper, Gwinnett Medical Center, SCANA Energy

  • Mary Winslow VP/Group Strategic Engagement Director

    Mary Winslow

    VP/Group Strategic Engagement Director

    It isn’t often that experience from both the client and agency sides comes together in perfect harmony to form one super-director. But that’s what we found in Mary Winslow, whose extensive experience in the hospitality industry drives a more strategic approach to the marketing needs of the tourism industry.

    Mary’s experience comes from 20+ years at InterContinental Hotels Group. As head of brand management for Hotel Indigo, IHG’s upscale branded boutique hotel, she championed and led its repositioning from a midscale to an upscale boutique brand, with a focus on creating unique hotels reflective of local culture.

    Mary also was regional director of IHG’s loyalty program, the IHG Rewards Club, and was director of Partnership Marketing. In that role, she developed relationships with more than 45 airlines worldwide as well as global credit card, car rental and telecommunications companies. She also launched the co-brand card for IHG Rewards. During the fall of 2002, Mary expanded her role even further and headed to Singapore to act as director of the Asia Pacific division of IHG Rewards Club.

    Immediately upon her arrival at Luckie, we tasked Mary with leading a team of account directors who focus on delivering strategic thought leadership to Luckie’s partners. Today, Mary’s team manages accounts for a wide variety of partners in the consumer packaged goods, healthcare and sports equipment industries, but nothing puts a sparkle in her eye like creating unforgettable human experiences for her 1-year-old son, her husband and her travel and tourism clients.

    Mary has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from Georgia State University and lives in the Atlanta area with her family.

    With Luckie since: 2015

    Expertise: Travel, tourism and hospitality, leading teams full of talented people

    Key client experience: ViiV Healthcare, McKee Foods, Alabama Power, Gulf Power, Bayer Properties, Williamsburg Destination Marketing, Brown-Forman, Piedmont Healthcare, Schutt Sports, Marco Island Marriott

  • Stephanie Naman VP/Creative Director

    Stephanie Naman

    VP/Creative Director

    Ever wondered what would have happened to Molly Ringwald’s character in Sixteen Candles if she’d been a real person who had to grow up and get a job like the rest of us?

    Well, wonder no more.

    She would have put aside her dreams of becoming a novelist to pursue the “safer,” more “lucrative” option of advertising. She’d work the local agency circuit and freelance, getting by on her good hair and false bravado before admitting she liked the work and was pretty good at it. Maybe she hadn’t sold her soul after all. Instead she sold banks, snack cakes, hospitals and insurance.

    She’d stick to that script till well into her 30s. Then there’d be that bad time she didn’t like to talk about. A heart would be broken. A job lost. The Smiths would play nonstop on her iPod.

    It’d take awhile, but she’d recover.

    She’d take trips (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru) and lovers (Victor, Alex, that guy in the hat, David) until she regained her footing and bought a house that she liked to call her fortress of solitude. Eventually, she’d share it with a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Kamali. And that David guy would stick around too.

    By the time the number of candles on her birthday cake was closer to 46 than 16, she’d be comfortable with her reimagined self. She’d start a mentoring blog for young women called AuntieVenom.com as a way of giving her 18-year-old niece a few spoiler alerts, cautionary tales and a proper ’80s pop culture education to take the sting out of growing up.

    She’d think of herself as an introvert’s introvert and hero to awkward girls everywhere.

    She’d think about writing a memoir. But she’d probably just end up making a mix tape.

    With Luckie since: 2009

    Expertise: Turning brand stories into human experiences

    Key client experience: Regions Bank, McKee Foods, CareSpot, Alfa Insurance, Alabama Power and Williamsburg, VA

  • Mark Unrein VP/Delivery

    Mark Unrein


    Here’s a guy on a mission to make a difference! Straight out of the gate at Luckie, Mark honed in on our people, processes and tools, perfecting standards in how we initiate, plan, execute, control and close all aspects of client work and empowering teams to flawlessly execute and deliver in fast-paced, collaborative environments.

    And his expertise doesn’t stop there. Mark came to Luckie with a diverse background in digital research and strategy, design, development, and project and program management in both corporate and agency worlds, previously serving as manager of Global Web Operations at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and vice president of Project Operations at Moxie (formerly Engauge).

    What drives him: “I genuinely love the business of advertising and marketing, particularly as it relates to technical innovation. Within my role at Luckie, I’m most passionate about process improvement and leadership development.”

    Away from work, Mark is a self-described sports junkie. When he’s not coaching sports – youth basketball – he’s likely at home watching sports – anything Cleveland – with his family.

    With Luckie since: 2015

    Expertise: Project operations, program leadership, collaboration and workflow management, continuous process improvement, resource management, financial management, quality assurance, business analysis and requirements

    Key client experience: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Nationwide, Wells Fargo, Nike, UPS, Cisco Systems, Verizon, Chick-fil-A, Georgia-Pacific, Newell Rubbermaid, InterContinental Hotels Group and The Home Depot


  • Melissa Wheeler SVP/Human Resources

    Melissa Wheeler

    SVP/Human Resources

    Melissa certainly has an eye for talent, and her recruitment efforts have brought some of the brightest minds across the nation into the Luckie fold.

    A mother of four, Melissa earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Communications at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Miss., where she attended school on a music performance scholarship.

    Melissa joined Luckie in 2006 as the agency’s first human resources employee. Prior to her work at Luckie, Melissa served as Senior Stores Recruiter at Dick’s Sporting Goods, State Program Director of Very Special Arts Mississippi, and HR Manager at Target.

    In her role at Luckie, Melissa oversees recruitment, hiring and orientation of all employees. She works closely with agency leaders on employee performance improvements, and she’s also our resident counselor for all things professional and personal.

    With Luckie since: 2006

  • Laura Long SVP/Strategic Engagement

    Laura Long

    SVP/Strategic Engagement

    Never tell Laura Long that something can’t be done. Not only does she love a challenge, but she firmly believes that there’s a solution to every problem (a mantra she shares with her favorite coach Nick Saban). Combine that ardent determination with more than 20 years of experience in strategic multichannel marketing and you’ve got a powerful, insightful leader who consistently delivers excellent results for her clients. Laura’s extensive experience in digital marketing gives her an in-depth understanding of the holistic customer journey. She also has the ability to look at things from all angles and uses a “both-sides-of-the-brain” approach to problem solving and strategic thinking. This keeps her in tune with the practical as well as emotional aspects of the consumer’s decision-making process and has resulted in countless success stories for her clients and the agency. Throughout her career, she has led brands through monumental marketing transformations in business categories such as finance, consumer packaged goods, travel and tourism, healthcare, education and hospitality. She’s basically an in-house sage, which also makes her one of our favorite go-to people for just about anything.

    Laura’s proudest moments are when she sees individuals on her team recognized for their contributions at Luckie. This motherly nature at work probably stems from her devotion to her family, including two furry children. We think it’s also because she’s a truly beautiful human.

    With Luckie since: 2012

    Expertise: Strategic account leadership in multichannel marketing

    Key client experience: Regions Bank, Alabama Power, Alabama Tourism, Northside Hospital, Coca-Cola, Williamsburg Tourism, Kroger, AT&T, Asheville Tourism, The Atlanta Braves, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Chick-fil-A, Equifax

  • Markus Beige Design Director

    Markus Beige

    Design Director

    Every agency needs a cool, contemplative European character with an accent. For us, that’s Markus. He started with Luckie in 2010, and lends his unique, studied perspective to every project he touches. Markus’s career has spanned the globe. He studied graphic design and advertising in Sydney, Australia, then worked in Australia and Germany before moving to the U.S.

    During his time in Australia and Germany, he provided art and creative direction for several on- and offline projects. Markus brings Luckie the best of both worlds: a strong traditional design background and years of digital experience that have translated into award-winning work across multiple online channels. His impressive lineup of past clients includes Deutsche Telekom AG, UniCredit, OM Strategic Investments, Activest, Lamy, Jägermeister, Siemens, Vodafone, TV Movie, Red Bull, Audi and BMW. He has been responsible for creative output and increasing the level of excellence at agencies such as Harcus Design, Berger Baader Hermes, Sapient Munich and now Luckie (fortunately for us). His ironclad work ethic and creative agility make him a valuable asset to any campaign, from nostalgic to mechanical and scientific.

    When you work with Markus, it’s easy to see that he gets fired up about any form of design. He’s motivated by interesting and challenging design projects and clients who are open to hearing fresh ideas. Not only that, but he’s an ace leader who’s constantly inspiring his team to learn more and stretch their skills further.

    With Luckie since: 2010

    Expertise: Corporate and brand identity, corporate and brand communication, packaging design, digital design and leading studio designers, leading a team of designers and studio artists

    Key client experience: Regions Bank, Little Debbie, Alabama Power, GlaxoSmithKline, Alabama Tourism, Brown-Forman, Bayer Advanced, Marriott

  • Abby Bennett Brand Planner

    Abby Bennett

    Brand Planner
  • Adam Meadows Director Strategic Engagement

    Adam Meadows

    Director Strategic Engagement
  • Alex Hawkins Project Coordinator

    Alex Hawkins

    Project Coordinator
  • Ali Mansfeld Director, Content Strategy

    Ali Mansfeld

    Director, Content Strategy
  • Andrea Carver Engagement Supervisor

    Andrea Carver

    Engagement Supervisor
  • Andrea Hardaman Accountant

    Andrea Hardaman

  • Andrew Bailey Developer

    Andrew Bailey

  • Betsy Pendergast Senior Manager, Consumer Insights

    Betsy Pendergast

    Senior Manager, Consumer Insights
  • Bhagyalakshmi RL Senior Database Administrator

    Bhagyalakshmi RL

    Senior Database Administrator
  • Bhumika Ray Business Analyst

    Bhumika Ray

    Business Analyst
  • Bo Rumbley Digital Art Director

    Bo Rumbley

    Digital Art Director
  • Bob Harrison Creative Director

    Bob Harrison

    Creative Director
  • Bobby Sellew Accounting Assistant

    Bobby Sellew

    Accounting Assistant
  • Brandon Atwood Marketing Manager

    Brandon Atwood

    Marketing Manager
  • Brian Conley Director Strategic Engagement

    Brian Conley

    Director Strategic Engagement
  • Brian Lamkin VP, Analytics and BI Solutions

    Brian Lamkin

    VP, Analytics and BI Solutions
  • Cara Blaine Senior Project Manager

    Cara Blaine

    Senior Project Manager
  • Cesar Jauregui Engagement Manager

    Cesar Jauregui

    Engagement Manager
  • Courtney Holt Designer

    Courtney Holt

  • Chris McDonough Program Director

    Chris McDonough

    Program Director
  • Collin Webb Junior Analyst

    Collin Webb

    Junior Analyst
  • Cristina Cham VP Experience Strategy

    Cristina Cham

    VP Experience Strategy
  • Daniela Gonzalez Brand Planner

    Daniela Gonzalez

    Brand Planner
  • David Brothers Editor

    David Brothers

  • Deb Mackey Senior Project Manager

    Deb Mackey

    Senior Project Manager
  • Denise Arnold Associate Creative Director

    Denise Arnold

    Associate Creative Director
  • Dixie McPherson Project Coordinator

    Dixie McPherson

    Project Coordinator
  • Jane Mantooth SVP/Controller

    Jane Mantooth

  • Jason Martin Associate Creative Director

    Jason Martin

    Associate Creative Director
  • Jerry Williams Senior Writer

    Jerry Williams

    Senior Writer
  • Jillian Ryan QA Analyst

    Jillian Ryan

    QA Analyst
  • John Hunter Senior Editor/DP

    John Hunter

    Senior Editor/DP
  • Joshua Cantrell Helpdesk Technician

    Joshua Cantrell

    Helpdesk Technician
  • Julia Cleveland Content Writer

    Julia Cleveland

    Content Writer
  • Kamala Prince Strategic Business Unit Leader

    Kamala Prince

    Strategic Business Unit Leader
  • Kelsey Anderson Engagement Coordinator

    Kelsey Anderson

    Engagement Coordinator
  • Lane Cross Engagement Supervisor

    Lane Cross

    Engagement Supervisor
  • Lanny Everett IT Director

    Lanny Everett

    IT Director
  • Lea Anne Newton Senior Project Manager

    Lea Anne Newton

    Senior Project Manager
  • Lizzie Holt Associate Director of Production

    Lizzie Holt

    Associate Director of Production
  • Mandee Harvey Senior Analyst

    Mandee Harvey

    Senior Analyst
  • Maria Aguilar Senior Project Manager

    Maria Aguilar

    Senior Project Manager
  • Maria Goodall Creative Director

    Maria Goodall

    Creative Director
  • Mary Lanaux Engagement Supervisor

    Mary Lanaux

    Engagement Supervisor
  • Mat Powell Art Director

    Mat Powell

    Art Director
  • Matthew Cichra Designer

    Matthew Cichra

  • Megan Meadows Project Manager

    Megan Meadows

    Project Manager
  • Michael Tanner Engagement Manager

    Michael Tanner

    Engagement Manager
  • Micheleh Center Digital Development Lead

    Micheleh Center

    Digital Development Lead
  • Miles Wright Senior Art Director

    Miles Wright

    Senior Art Director
  • Natasha Khawer Strategic Engagement Supervisor

    Natasha Khawer

    Strategic Engagement Supervisor
  • Nick Utley Senior Finance Manager

    Nick Utley

    Senior Finance Manager
  • Patrice Myers Development Team Manager

    Patrice Myers

    Development Team Manager
  • Patrick Locke Developer

    Patrick Locke

  • Rhonda Knight Medical Editor/Writer

    Rhonda Knight

    Medical Editor/Writer
  • Samantha Bravo Engagement Coordinator

    Samantha Bravo

    Engagement Coordinator
  • Shari Wimberly Copy Editor

    Shari Wimberly

    Copy Editor
  • Sylvia Adamson Senior Field Marketing Manager

    Sylvia Adamson

    Senior Field Marketing Manager
  • Tawania Harris Project Manager

    Tawania Harris

    Project Manager
  • Tifanie Noblin Print Production Manager

    Tifanie Noblin

    Print Production Manager
  • Tripp Durant VP/Director Strategic Engagement

    Tripp Durant

    VP/Director Strategic Engagement

    Tripp Durant plays a key role at Luckie as the leader of the Regions Bank account team. Since Regions came on board in 2004, Tripp has watched the account grow and has provided consistent leadership and continuity throughout. In 2005, he won the agency’s Robert E. Luckie Jr. Excellence Award – the agency’s highest honor.

    His responsibilities include strategic planning, brand management, supervision of day-to-day account work across all lines of business, budgeting, reporting and ensuring the agency is performing at a high level. An aspiring guitar player, Tripp also enjoys traveling, playing golf and helping coach his son’s baseball team.

    With Luckie since: 1988

    Expertise: Budgeting, strategic planning, creative development, TV, print and video production, merchandising, collateral, brand management, competitive analysis, local market/grassroots activation, financial forecasting and reporting, billing, bringing new clients on board, building client relationships across the agency

    Key client experience: Regions, BellSouth, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center, Frogg Toggs, America’s First Federal Credit Union, American Cast Iron Pipe Company

  • Wendy Cousins Executive Assistant

    Wendy Cousins

    Executive Assistant
  • Ken Ferrell Board of Advisors

    Ken Ferrell

    Board of Advisors

    “The use of digital tools and technologies has a direct impact on marketing initiatives for brands, and Luckie is positioned to evolve in order to meet those needs that clients have.”

    Ken Ferrell was vice president of commercial operations at Galderma Laboratories, L.P., in Fort Worth, Texas, at his retirement in 2014. He began his 28-year career with the company as vice president of information technologies, serving the U.S. and Canadian markets. During his tenure at Galderma, he oversaw IT services, primary and secondary market research activities, digital marketing services, sales force operations and business development services. Galderma Laboratories is a worldwide dermatology company owned by Nestlé with headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland.

  • Hagan Major Board of Advisors

    Hagan Major

    Board of Advisors

    “Luckie’s ability to combine strategic, data-driven insights with rich human experiences puts it in a class of its own. This is a group that truly understands the value of results-oriented brand storytelling.”

    Hagan Major, a Birmingham native, is co-founder and president of YellowHammer, a New York based digital advertising technology company. Within its first six years of business, YellowHammer placed No. 38 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies. It has also been named to Forbes’ list of “America’s Most Promising Companies” and was named Management Team of the Year by the American Business Awards.

  • Jay Waters Board of Advisors

    Jay Waters

    Board of Advisors

    Jay Waters began his career in the retail grocery business and still believes the best tool for measuring the worth of a campaign is a cash register. It’s a practicality that can be hard to find in an era of new-age, mind-boggling metrics that leave you wondering, “OK, but did we make money?”

    As the leader of Luckie’s Communications Planning and Brand Planning functions, Jay played a central role in bridging innovative strategy with smart execution. His extensive experience in media strategy has been recognized with some of the industry’s top honors, including a Gold Media Lion at Cannes and Mediaweek Plan of the Year.

    With Luckie since: 1992

    Expertise: Communications strategy, brand planning, media buying, integrated promotional campaigns, consumer insight, direct response advertising, out-of-home, tourism, consumer packaged goods, banking and public service.

    Key client experience: Regions Bank, Little Debbie, Alabama Tourism Department, Asheville CVB, Papa John’s and Express Oil Change.

  • Jane Mantooth, SVP/Controller
  • Jason Martin, Associate Creative Director
  • Jerry Williams, Senior Writer
  • Jillian Ryan, QA Analyst
  • John Hunter, Senior Editor/DP
  • Joshua Cantrell, Helpdesk Technician
  • Julia Cleveland, Content Writer
  • Kamala Prince, Strategic Business Unit Leader
  • Kelsey Anderson, Engagement Coordinator
  • Lane Cross, Engagement Supervisor
  • Lanny Everett, IT Director
  • Lea Anne Newton, Senior Project Manager
  • Lizzie Holt, Associate Director of Production
  • Mandee Harvey, Senior Analyst
  • Maria Aguilar, Senior Project Manager
  • Maria Goodall, Creative Director
  • Mary Lanaux, Engagement Supervisor
  • Mat Powell, Art Director
  • Matthew Cichra, Designer
  • Megan Meadows, Project Manager
  • Michael Tanner, Engagement Manager
  • Micheleh Center, Digital Development Lead
  • Miles Wright, Senior Art Director
  • Natasha Khawer, Strategic Engagement Supervisor
  • Nick Utley, Senior Finance Manager
  • Patrice Myers, Development Team Manager
  • Patrick Locke, Developer
  • Rhonda Knight, Medical Editor/Writer
  • Samantha Bravo, Engagement Coordinator
  • Shari Wimberly, Copy Editor
  • Sylvia Adamson, Senior Field Marketing Manager
  • Tawania Harris, Project Manager
  • Tifanie Noblin, Print Production Manager
  • Tripp Durant, VP/Director Strategic Engagement
  • Wendy Cousins, Executive Assistant
  • Ken Ferrell, Board of Advisors
  • Hagan Major, Board of Advisors
  • Jay Waters, Board of Advisors